June 6th 2019 | Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh

Agenda Overview

Connect Conference 2018 

Confirmed speakers:

  • Sarah Davidson, Director-General, Organisational Development and Operations, Scottish Government
  • Professor Karen Cham, Professor of Digital Transformation Design, University of Brighton
  • Phillip Couser MBE, Director for Public Health and Intelligence, National Services Scotland
  • Professor Chris Speed, Chair of Design Informatics, University of Edinburgh
  • Jacqui Randle, Head of Intranet and Behaviour Change, Scottish Government
  • Martin Low, Acting Director of ICT, Police Scotland
  • Murray Husband, Head of ICT and Digital Enablement, ‎East Renfrewshire Council
  • Rocco Labellarte, Chief Technology and Information Officer, Oxford City Council 
  • Marcus Ross, Director of Strategic Planning and Development, ‎University of the West of Scotland
  • Iain Langlands, GIS Manager, Glasgow City Council
  • Heather Robb, Technology and Information Manager, ‎Stirling Council 
  • Martin Stubbs-Partridge, Communications Officer, Scottish Natural Heritage  
  • Daniel Scott, ICT Strategy & Engagement Manager, The Highland Council
  • Claudette Jones, Chief Information Officer, ‎University of the West of Scotland (Conference Chair)

More speakers to be confirmed in due course

Agenda Overview

Session One: Digital Public Services in 2018

Our opening session will take stock of digital transformation across the public sector.

We’ll be examining the latest developments, challenges and how we can overcome the barriers to improve our public services.

Session Two: Digital Transformation Panels

Delegates have the chance to choose from a number of panel discussions focusing on specific aspects of digitalisation with industry experts and leaders from across the public sector.

Session Three: Harnessing Technology to Improve Outcomes

In a series of themed interactive sessions, delegates will have the opportunity to explore the core competencies and capabilites organisations need to leverage digital and enhance its impact.

Session Four: Keeping Pace with Digitalisation

In the final session, we look to future transformation trends and how the public sector can best take advantage of ever-evolving technologies and new ways of working.