June 27th 2018 | Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh



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Holyrood Connect Welcome to Delegates in the Exhibition Area

Meet the Exhibitors, your chance to hear about some of the most innovative digital solutions on the market.


Welcome and introduction by the Chair

Claudette Jones, Chief Information Officer, University of the West of Scotland

Session 1: Digital Public Services in 2018

Our opening session will take stock of digital transformation across the public sector.

We’ll be examining the latest developments, challenges and how we can overcome the barriers to improve our public services.


Scottish Government Address

Sarah Davidson, Director-General, Organisational Development and Operations, Scottish Government 


CivTech® - Driving Daring and Innovation in the Public Sector

The CivTech Programme is the Scottish Government's flagship innovation programme, driving daring and innovation in the public sector. At a time when citizen expectations of public services is rising, and budgets are falling, technology is hailed as the great bridge builder. But when tech develops so quickly how can we procure what we don't know exists?

Barbara Mills, Challenge Sponsor Manager, CivTech


Data Driven Digital Transformation in a Multi-Cloud World

How world class organisations are making better use of data to digitally transform enabling innovation, service improvement and better citizen/consumer engagement.

Matt Watts, Director, Technology and Strategy, NetApp


Questions and Discussion


Exhibition, Networking and Refreshments

Transition to Panel Discussions

Session 2: Digital Transformation Panel Discussions

During this session, delegates will attend one of three panel sessions focusing on specific aspects of digitalisation with industry experts and leaders from across the public sector.


Panel 1: How can Digital Drive Internal Transformation?

In association with Zengenti

Technology has dramatically improved access to public services, and helped many of you to build communities. If used correctly, digital tools can also be used internally to transform an organisation, its bottom line and to build teams that deliver better public services.’


Jacqui Randle, Head of Intranet and Behaviour Change, Scottish Government


Martin Stubbs-Partridge, Communications Officer, Scottish Natural Heritage

Heather Robb, Technology & Information Manager, Stirling Council

Nicole Carter, Change Management Communication Specialist, Scottish Government

Ruth Fry, Corporate Communications Manager, Perth & Kinross Council

Steve Bebb, Account Manager, Zengenti


Panel 2: Breaking Free from Legacy Systems, Accelerating Digital Transformation

In association with Netcall

Applying old practices to new thinking is making digital too difficult to deliver at the same time as doing the day job. How do we bring scale and speed to digital processes and accelerate digital transformation, breaking free from historical systems?


Christopher Wroath, Director of Digital, NHS Education for Scotland


Carolann Miller, CIO, The City of Edinburgh Council

Professor Chris Speed, Chair of Design & Informatics, University of Edinburgh

Dr Colin Birchenall, Chief Technology Officer, Digital Office Scotland

Richard Farrell, Chief Technology Officer, Netcall


Panel 3: Designing and Delivering Agile, Person Centred Digital Services

In association with Leidos


Murray Husband, Head of ICT and Digital Enablement 


Dr Cat Macaulay, Head of User Centred Design, Office of the Chief Designer, Scottish Government

Alex Stobart, Director, Mydex CIC

Claudette Jones, Chief Information Officer, University of the West of Scotland

Harvey Starns, Head of Agile Services, Leidos


Exhibition, Lunch and Networking

Session 3: Harnessing Technology to Improve Outcomes

During this session, delegates will attend one of three panel sessions focusing on specific aspects of digitalisation with industry experts and leaders from across the public sector.


Panel 1: Common Platforms and Shared Services: Enabling Digital Transformation with the Hybrid Cloud

In association with NetApp

What are the challenges encountered with a cloud first strategy? What is the best approach to deliver new projects, modernise data management and support shared services using data? 


Anne Moises, CIO, Scottish Government


Trish Quinn, Head of Product Service Delivery, Digital Directorate, Scottish Government

Heather Robb, Technology & Information Manager, Stirling Council

Brian Henderson, IT Director, University of Aberdeen

Angus Warren, CEO, APUC

Matt Watts, Director, Technology and Strategy, NetApp


Panel 2: Security that Supports Digital Transformation. The Importance of having a Proactive, Predictive and Preventative Approach to Cyber Security

In association with Sophos


Prof. Bill Buchanan, Centre for Distributed Computing, Networks, and Security, Cyber Academy


Andy Grayland, CISO, Scottish Local Government Digital Office

Xavier Bellekens, Head of Machine Learning Group, Abertay University

John Lester, Senior Sales Engineer, Sophos


Panel 3: Making Better Use of Data: Management, Analytics and Innovation


Rui Cardoso, Head, Challenge Sponsors, CivTech


Philip Couser, Director for Public Health and Intelligence, NHS National Services Scotland

Iain Langlands, GIS Manager, Glasgow City Council

Albert King, Head of Analytical Data and ScotXed, Scottish Government


Exhibition, Networking and Refreshments

Session 4: Keeping Pace with Digitisation


An Internet of Things as Citizens

As physical things join the internet, Chris speculates what happens when they also gain wallets containing digital currencies. How might this alter power relationships and shift social dynamics? Chris will explore these questions by highlighting the use of smart contracts in design, from a coffee machine that lets you vote for your coffee bean and pays those who clean it, to a hairdryer that trades on the energy market to offer the best price for drying your hair. As objects are connected to the Internet, forming the ‘Internet of Things’, Chris asks what happens when technologies are given their own spending power, and what this implies for the human citizen.

Professor Chris Speed, Chair of Design & Informatics, University of Edinburgh


Artificial Intelligence's Role in Driving Transformation

Rocco Labellarte, Chief Technology Officer and Information Officer, Oxford City Council


Digital Transformation in a Constantly Changing Landscape

Carolann Miller, CIO, The City of Edinburgh Council


Questions and Discussion


Closing Remarks from Claudette Jones, Chief Information Officer, University of the West of Scotland